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prisonbreak100's Journal

100 PB fanfics, are you up for the challenge?
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This community is similar to fanfic100, but with a purely Prison Break focus. Basically, you pick any character or pairing from the show and write 100 fics about them. Be sure to read the rules first before posting!

How this works

Step One: Claim your character or pairing here. There's no limit on how many people can claim something.

Step Two: Write one hundred stories centered around the claim you've chosen and post them here. You don't have to post them all at once, go at your own pace. Older fic you've already written is permitted as well. Please read the fanfic guidelines before posting your fic.

Prompts can be found here.

Code to form your own HTML table of the prompts is here. Just fill in each of the prompts with your link, substituting the name of the prompt for the link "Title".

Authors and their Claims can be found here.


1. You must make a claim first before posting. All claims should be made in the Claims Post. Any other ones will be deleted. (This is to keep the community and people's friends lists uncluttered) After you've been approved, please reply with a link to your table.

2. If there are spoilers in your story, you need to put a warning in the author's notes. We're a spoiler free community, so please remember this rule.

3. No community promoting. There are lots of other communities where you can do that which I'm sure everyone here is a part of.

4. This is not just a claims community. Please only sign up if you are willing to write fic. I know that it says "go at your own pace", but if you claim something and then four months later you still haven't written any fic for it, we'll consider your claimed dropped.

5. If you need to drop your claim for any reason, please be helpful and let us know. No need to worry about any fingerpointing or muttering; life happens, and that's really okay.


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If you would like to be an affiliate please comment here.

Any questions or comments can be directed to the mod, halfshellvenus.