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The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Authors And Their Claims

Authors and their Claims

General Seriesrosie_spleenPB100 Table
seacitiesPB100 Table
tokenblkgirlPB100 Table
unusualliesPB100 Table
knopflergroupiePB100 Table
Michael ScofieldaccruesPB100 Table
Lincoln BurrowsaspensnowPB100 Table
winterqueenPB100 Table
Dr. Sara TancrediliaysoPB100 Table
xlightof_lovePB100 Table
puffy_chanPB100 Table
flatlinedPB100 Table
recycledfaeryPB100 Table
Theodore "T-Bag" BagwellthekaylaPB100 Table
uponplainsPB100 Table
world_orderPB100 Table
xadiePB100 Table
pocket_holderPB100 Table
audiopineapplePB100 Table
Agent Alexander MahoneashlibrookePB100 Table
Seth "Cherry" HoffneryouaremysushinePB100 Table
Michael/LincolnhalfshellvenusPB100 Table
angelfeather21PB100 Table
kyogouPB100 Table
Michael/Saraheartagram_lalaPB100 Table
maj_clementinePB100 Table
schmoo999PB100 Table
world_orderPB100 Table
T-Bag/BellickthekaylaPB100 Table
T-Bag/MichaelsteralizetheemoPB100 Table
the_last_shadowPB100 Table
T-Bag/SaraoffcoursePB100 Table

Feel free to suggest any character that isn't on here and any pairing you like.

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