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Hook, Line and Sinker by xlightof_love, PG-13

Title: Hook, Line and Sinker
Character/Pairing: Sara Tancredi (with excess mention of Paul Kellerman)
Prompt: #51 - Water @ prisonbreak100
Word Count: 1,377
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: 2x11, “Bolshoi Booze” & 2x12, “Disconnect”
Summary: Fighting back is what Sara is all about; it's what she's been doing her entire life. She need only realize as much to win.
Author's Note: Prison Break and its characters have been manipulated here without the knowledge or consent of 20th Century FOX Television. I am not affiliated with the show, its production companies or cast members and no copyright infringement is intended. Like what you read? Comments are ♥ and so are new friends! My table can be found here.

Hook, Line and Sinker
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