September 10th, 2007

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Teardrops 1/1 by tearcreek, PG

Title: Teardrops
Author: accrues
Characters: Michael Scofield, mentions of Sara Tancredi
Pairing: Michael/Sara
Category: Het
Rating: PG
Summary: Teardrops on the fire
Notes: A little while ago, I did this meme where you: Write a drabble (100 words exactly) based on your current default icon. No changing it! Just write it as it comes; no beta-reading or mulling over. Any fandom or no fandom at all. I had trouble getting it under 100 words, but it's exact now.
Prompt: 51 - Water.
Table is here
Warnings: Reference to character death.
Beta: Says above 'no beta-reading or mulling over', much to my delight.
Spoilers: Up to 2x22 Sona. After that it is COMPLETELY AU. Maybe. (Who knows? I can't predict the future.)

Teardrops 1/1