August 12th, 2007

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Tappity Tap by tearcreek, G

Title: Tappity Tap 1/1
Author: accrues
Fandom: Surprisingly? Prison Break!
Characters: Michael Scofield
Pairing: None
Category: Gen
Rating: G
Summary: Michael’s thoughts between being arrested and the police station. Very short.
Notes: Written firstly for pemphredouk who is fic-deprived. Secondly it fits the pbhiatus_fic Challenge 10 – Are We There Yet? So it’s for that too. pemphredouk however suggested it, so this is for her.
Notes 2: The tappity tap has four syllables, just so you know. Tap-it-ty-tap. Er… it’s a rhyme. And no, Doctor Who fans, *that* has nothing to do with it. Much.
Prompt: 12 - Today.
Table is here
Warnings: None
Beta: pemphredouk
Spoilers: If at all? 1x01 Pilot

Tappity Tap 1/1