May 27th, 2007

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Karma Part 1

A Prison Break Series

Characters: Part 1: Alex & Pam Mahone, mentions of Lincoln
Category: Series, Pre and Post Escape, Gen
Rating: PG-13
Length: 800 words
Summary: 'What goes around, comes back around again.' If Season 3 is going to be about redemption, this series is a scattering of short fics about different characters and the circular route of karma, or fate applying to their deeds. It tries to draw from cannon and concludes with speculation. The next short fic in the series will pick up the thread of the character mentioned towards the end.

prisonbreak100 prompt #97 - 'Karma'

Note: This first part is for pamalax because she is a straight shooter, tells me no BS and she is obsessed with Mahone. Thanks for being a good LJ friend, lady.

The idea of fate and karma has always intrigued. Recently, I watched a video on YouTube by Nozza titled "It Ain't No Fairtytale" and this inspired the idea of a fic series. It is an amazing highlight presentation of the main characters and the role of what goes around, coming back around again. Please watch it, I think you will find it spine tingling.

Ain’t No Fairytale by Nozza

Karma Part 1 - Alex