May 5th, 2007

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Oh Yeah!

A Prison Break Fanfic.

Characters: Sara/Kellerman
Category: Post Escape, Het, Smut
Rating: NC-17 (language, sexual situations)
Length: 3500 words
Summary: The chemistry is there, they are in her apartment and Paul is going through the motions of his job. Suddenly, the flame ignites and they change the course of their lives.

A/N: This fic has been straining to be unleashed for a while, ever since 2x 4 & 5 when Kellerman is in Sara's appartment and they have joked about crack pie and they sparkle in each other's company.

Written in response to prisonbreak100, general series, prompt # 86 Choices.

Also for a prompt titled "Live and Let Live created by happywriter06, because I really value being part of a community which encourages and applauds creative ideas. Thanks for including me.

Oh Yeah!