April 21st, 2007

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Five times Michael Scofield Never Cried by tearcreek, PG

Title: Five times Michael Scofield Never Cried. 1/1
Author: accrues
Pairing/Characters: Michael ScofieldCategory: Fluff/Angst
Rating: PG
Summary: With new life cradled in world worn hands, Michael Scofield cries.
Prompt: 95 - Grieve, table is here
Beta: pemphredouk and artistic_writer *blush*
Spoilers (if any): Shouldn’t be.
Notes: This was written for three reasons. One, because someone commented the other day saying that they were interested in another Gemma fic. Two, because *something* has to come from all of artistic_writer’s (wonderful) smut, and three because the wonderful aliasledger cares for me so much that whenever she hears Cry by The Veronicas she thinks of me. And she wanted Gemma a little while ago (I’m sorry it’s not *exactly* what you wanted.) so I figured it was the least I could do. This is a formula fic. There is a reason why it's five times he NEVER cried, and that is that these aren't moments that ever happen in the show. Just before you all ask ;)
Notes 2: This is part five of a series, although the four other fics, ‘One Hippopopomis', ‘Prison Break’, ‘Icebreaker’ and 'Miss You' are not necessary to understand this, they would help to understand who Gemma is better. There is also a tiny reference to One Hippopopomis if you look closely enough.
Dedication: For aliasledger. Be strong.

Five Times Michael Scofield Never Cried
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Gazpacho of the Mind 1/1

A PB Fic

Characters: Alex & Pam Mahone, mentions of Michael, Haywire and T-Bag
Category: Gen, Post-Escape, Darkish
Rating: R (language, strong references to mental illness)
Length: 1700 words
Summary: Pam reflects upon her final phone call with Alex (episode 22) and ponders his state of mental health.

A/N: I have used two ideas from two beautiful LJ individuals and I thank them for the concepts and I have used them with abandon (without even checking because I predicted their responses in the negative ; ).
sierra_foxx floated the idea of Haywire being entranced by donut sprinkles, and I have referred to this in the fic (sorry lady - kisses and tea spillage as apology). I have completed STOLEN antoine_baros's sentence "Haywire is a donut" and am abusing her kindness by using it in this fic *hugs and general sucky sorries*

This is written in response to prisonbreak100 prompt #28 'mind'. My table is here

Sometimes, the mind is fragile