April 8th, 2007

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Sacrificial Lambs 4/4


Sacrificial Lambs 4/4 - Sara
Characters: Sara, Michael, Lincoln
Category: Gen, Pre & Post escape, implied het
Rating: pg-13
Length: 1900 words
Summary: Four different characters, four very different sacrifices. The black sheep, Sara Tancredi, is also asked to give more than she ever realized possible. Will The Shepherds make atonement for the collateral damage they have caused? Written in response to prompt #14 'Regret'
Mostly completed on the laptop in seat 22D on the way home from Sydney - family happily occupied by all things flying and merely proves I am totally addicted to fic and need help.

Part 1 - Henry Pope
Part 2 - Veronica
Part 3 - LJ

Part 4 Sara & Epilogue: Atonement of The Shepherds