March 19th, 2007

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The Kissing Game On A Train 2/2

A PB Fic - The Last Train To Smutsville

Characters: Sara & Michael
Category: Crack, Het, AU
Rating: NC-17 (language, sexual themes)
Length: 6000 words
Disclaimer: No ownership or association with PB
Summary: Taking the train kissing scene from 2x16 and giving it a smut theme. It was given an Aussie theme HERE. Michael (Meat) Scofield and Sara (Sex) Tancredi reunite on a train station south of Smutsville. They have kissed once before, and their story is HERE.
This fic is a response to the prisonbreak100 prompt #17 "Blue"

Please be aware, if you like your Sara/Michael fic tender, best to steer clear of the crazy adventures of Sex Tancredi and Meat Scofield.

The Last Train To Smutsville