January 24th, 2007

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Miss You by tearcreek, G

Title: ‘Miss You’ 1/1
Author: accrues
Pairing/Characters: Sara/Michael, Gemma Scofield (OC)
Category: Het
Rating: G
Summary: Michael’s been away for the week on a business trip…
Prompt: 58 - Hold.
Ooh lookie, a table!
Beta: None. My usuals are either in hospital or swamped. Feel free to mention any corrections.
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: Heavy doses of fluff, no angst. I know that it's not some people's thing.
Notes: This is part four of a series. Although the three other fics, ‘One Hippopopomis', ‘Prison Break’ and ‘Icebreaker’ are not necessary to understand this, they would help to understand who Gemma is better.
This is for the beautiful Lu (aliasledger), who I’m sure is by now having a MiSa crisis, and who I teased, promising her a Gemma fic at the end of last year. Here you go, Daddy love and plenty of kissing for you, beautiful!

'Miss You'