i'm chris, not dustin (bella) (accrues) wrote in prisonbreak100,
i'm chris, not dustin (bella)

Quarters 1/1, R

Title: Quarters 1/1
Author: accrues
Characters: Michael Scofield, Lincoln Burrows, OC (mentions of Lisa, LJ and Abruzzi)
Pairing: None (Michael/Linc if you’re looking for it)
Category: Gen. Pre-season and Post-escape
Rating: R for language
Summary: You glance over at Michael, annoyingly tapping the top of his right index finger on the very ridge of the steering wheel, and wish that you could tell him that you’d lied to him all that time ago. You may be innocent of murder, but some guilt stays with you forever.
Warnings: None
Prompt: 37 - Sound, table is here
Beta: pemphredouk
Spoilers: 2x05 – Map 1213 and prior episodes.

Quarters 1/1
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